YOKAI-English: The Art tour of Contemporary Japan (English Edition) Reviews

YOKAI-English: The Art tour of Contemporary Japan (English Edition)

YOKAI-English: The Art tour of Contemporary Japan (English Edition)

“Since ancient times, people in Japan have believed the country to be home to numerous gods.
They have sensed the existence of unseen things in all types of places, from nature to people’s homes. This is also the case with monsters, those enigmatic beings that people throughout the ages have feared.
In today’s world, people have placed complete faith in scientific developments as a way of explaining all the mysteries of Creation. However, even with the light called science illuminating nature, people still see those unseen beings exist in this world, and these beings lead people astray.
Ironically, it is within civilization itself that they have found the perfect place to dwell.
In what forms do these beings, who have been depicted in the works of such masters as Sekien Toriyama and Shigeru Mizuki, exist?
In recent years, their forms, which have hitherto been shrouded in mystery, have been depicted in detail by modern artists. This book introduces some of their works along with a commentary.”

As you can see, your guide is a grouchy professor who likes to tell tall stories. We hope you will stick around and listen to what he has to say on this journey around the “other” Japan.


List Price: EUR 1,99

Price: EUR 1,99

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