The Best Of Climax: Precious & Few

The Best Of Climax: Precious & Few

The Best Of Climax: Precious & Few

Climax was an Americanband formed in 1970 in Los Angeles, California, most noted for their 1971-1972 hitsong Precious and Few, which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and #1 on Cashboxmagazine’s Top 100 singles chart. This disc sold over one million copies and was certifiedgold by the RIAA on February 21, 1972.

Climax came out of the ashes of the 1960s hit band The Outsiders. A few singles were released under the Outsiders name, but when Tom King of the original band threatened legal action, the name of the band was changed to Climax (singles released under The Outsiders name included Lovin’ You/Think I’m Fallin’ and Changes/Lost In My World). Following the name change, the album Climax Featuring Sonny Geraci was released. The band is often considered a one-hit wonder because other than Precious and Few, no other releases gained much widespread success.

Precious and Few, the band’s biggest hit, was actually first recorded in 1970 with producer Ron Kramer. It was later re-worked by producer Larry Cox, who was assigned by label owner Marc Gordon to re-tool the band’s material. Cox urged the band to re-record Precious and Few and encouraged lead singer Sonny Geraci to capitalize on his extraordinary abilities to perform high-powered ballads.

Many industry insiders felt Climax should have been far more successful than they actually were. The lack of a solid, powerful marketing and managing organization hurt the band when their follow-up Life and Breath was not given enough attention and funding to break through. After Life and Breath fizzled, the label was not ready to release the band’s only album, Climax featuring Sonny Geraci during Precious and Few’s climb up the charts, which eroded the band’s popularity and market edge.

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