The 80’s Game – PC

The 80’s Game – PC

The 80's Game - PC

  • More than 3,000 totally awesome questions
  • Fresh “What Year Did This Happen” bonus questions
  • An excellent Versus Mode for challenging friends
  • Way cool 80’s gear to collect plus the Delorean to win
  • Totally rad 80’s player cards for saving scores

Time warp back to the way cool 80’s decade with Martha Quinn! Radical dude! Gnarly man! Get caught up in the fun and excitement of The 80’s Game as you test your pop-culture trivia knowledge and moonwalk your way back to the days of hot pink leg warmers, Flock of Seagulls hairstyles, “Save Ferris” T-shirts and heartthrob Scott Baio. The 80’s Game with Martha Quinn will make you party like its 1999, in tight-rolled jeans asking “where’s the beef?” and doing the sprinkler. Totally tubular! Challenge your way cool knowledge of music, movies, sports and TV with Martha Quinn, the fave VJ from the 80’s. With over 3,000 questions, bonus rounds and challenges, the 80’s Game is sure to make you start missing Alf all over again. So strap on your Swatches, squeeze into your Jordache jeans and get ready for a gnarly good time!

List Price: $ 6.96

Price: $ 3.00

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