Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow! (English Edition)

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow! (English Edition)

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow! (English Edition)

#1 Best-Selling Author, Uncle Amon

Do You Want Your Child to Easily Learn and Understand Seed Germination?

This is a beautifully and colorfully illustrated children’s picture book about the miracle of seed germination. This book will teach children how to plant a seed and grow their own plant. It is a very simple and easy learning process.

Cute Pictures and Bold Text for Easy Reading!

This beginning reader’s eBook includes vibrant pictures and easy-to-read text, photos of Uncle Amon’s sunflower garden, and is a perfect starting point for children to learn about seed germination!

This book includes:

  • How to germinate your own seed
  • Easy-to-read text and vibrant pictures
  • Pictures from Uncle Amon’s sunflower garden

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Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow is an excellent book for your child. The simple pictures and easy-to-understand text is great for reading aloud or before bedtime!

Scroll up and grab a copy of this children’s book today and enjoy some quality time with your child.

List Price: EUR 1,04

Price: EUR 1,04

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