Off Road Personal Electric Transporter Reviews

Off Road Personal Electric Transporter

Off Road Personal Electric Transporter

  • Easy To Ride: Dynamic Stability Principle
  • 2X1000 Watt Electric Motors
  • 42000 mAh Battery
  • 18Kmh speeds
  • Up To 38KM Range

This all new Segway Style personal electric vehicle was made with the outdoors lover in mind. With a 20cm ground clearance and large 19×7.00-8 tubeless all terrain tires this personal transporter has off road capabilities that allow it to be ridden almost anywhere including on grass, sand, rough terrain and steep inclines.Working on a dynamic stability principle the built in gyroscopic motor ensures this self balancing scooter keeps upright. It works by measuring the your body’s position through the footplate sensors. To drive the vehicle you simple leans and pushes the handlebar in the direction they wish to go. This allows you to effortlessly accelerate, brake and turn the scooter while the built in intelligent brain keeps it upright. Is it easy? Yes it is!

List Price: $ 2,349.00

Price: $ 2,349.00

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