Mix Vibes CROSSPACK DJ Package

Mix Vibes CROSSPACK DJ Package

Mix Vibes CROSSPACK DJ Package

  • Compatible with various MIDI controllers
  • Allows for smart audio effects, locators and cue points, and automatic looping abd beat matching
  • Direct integration with iTunes
  • You can map your own controller with the MIDI Learning feature
  • CROSS DJ is compatible with numerous MIDI controller.

The MixVibes CROSS PACK is a DJ solution that provides complete control for professional DJs. It combines the latest CROSS technology DJ software with the rock solid U46MK2 audio interface. CROSS reintegrates the music as the centerpiece of the DJ’s performance. This bundle is the perfect solution for DJs who wish to scratch or beat match their tracks without losing the genuine vinyl/CD feel or even with a DJ MIDI controller, in a stable and high fidelity environment

List Price: $ 211.57

Price: $ 176.01

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