Math Blaster Prime Adventure NDS

Math Blaster Prime Adventure NDS

Math Blaster Prime Adventure NDS

  • Practice math facts with the portability and easy-to-use touchscreen of NDS
  • Stay interested with fast action and the Blaster narrative
  • Experience the challenge of mastering 20 levels and three difficulty modes
  • Play alone or go head-to-head with up to three friends
  • Learn to perform math functions faster and with improved accuracy

Robots control the galaxy and the fate of the universe lies in question. Armed with an experimental spaceship, you must put your math skills to the ultimate test as you blast through space to defend the human race and defeat the robotic rulers. Master math skills in a variety of brain-busting categories, including addition, subtraction and multiplication. Whether competing with a friend in Four Player Battle Mode, or testing your computation abilities in Challenge or Adventure modes, you multiply, add and subtract your way through three difficulty levels.

Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure brings intergalactic intrigue to NDS. Get ready to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to navigate a variety of fast-paced games and help restore order in the galaxy. With all the appeal of the original hit PC game and the portable, touchscreen technology of NDS at your disposal, the Prime Adventure was developed by Knowledge Adventure to make brushing up on math skills a truly enjoyable undertaking.

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A variety of math games keep learning fast paced. View larger.

Save the galaxy with math facts. View larger.

Graduate from Blaster Corps Academy
Students who mastered the original Math Blaster are sure to remember Aimee, the sharp AI program that worked with the Blasters to restore lost knowledge and save the universe from destruction. In this incarnation, Aimee has gone missing and a new program named Eemia has started causing problems all over the universe.

It’s your mission to foil Eemia, save the venerable Aimee, and right the imbalance in the world around you. This will ensure your graduation from the elite Blaster Corps Academy.

Improve Speed and Accuracy with Repetition
Action-based games keep kids scrambling to accomplish goals, which can only be achieved by correctly answering a quick succession of puzzling math problems. The practice helps support learning and keep skills sharp. And with three distinct difficulty modes, these games offer an excellent chance for growth over time.

Engage in Four-Player Math Battles
You can decide to move through 20 levels of tough challenges in Adventure mode or select to immerse yourself in arcade-style play with challenge mode. High score tracking lets you compare results with siblings, friends, and your previous missions, while four-player battle mode lets you test the math skills of your friends and enemies in real time.

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Price: $ 10.99

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