Kyosho MINI-Z MR-03S SUBARU IMPREZA KX1 with LED Lighting

Kyosho MINI-Z MR-03S SUBARU IMPREZA KX1 with LED Lighting

Kyosho MINI-Z MR-03S SUBARU IMPREZA KX1 with LED Lighting

  • KT-19 Transmitter (control knobs: steering trim, steering D/R, light flashing speed)
  • MR-03 Compatible chassis components
  • Almost all optional parts for MR-03 can be used
  • Light flashing speed control from the TX when optional light unit is installed
  • Single action reversing with delay: No brake action required before reversing

The Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03S is the latest in a 15-year legacy of 1/27-scale RC cars that started back in 1999, and is still running strong today as the leader of the micro RC car category with enthusiasts from around the world. The appeal of the Mini-Z is its small size and its quality hobby-grade construction. It features very fluid controls that respond to the driver’s every movement. The MR-03S is light years ahead of typical RC cars in terms of performance and scale detail that rivals that of a die-cast car. The MR-03S features a wide variety of licensed racer and iconic sports car replica bodies that span decades of classic to modern performance cars. Numerous factory options are also available to modify the performance and customize the look of the car. No matter which body style you prefer, any Mini-Z car can be fitted with a wide range of optional bodies available. The pocket-sized Mini-Z can be the most simple or a complex, wildly tunable performance machine. It’s your choice.

This MR-03S is fitted with a factory-licensed version of the Subaru Impreza WRX KX1. This Subaru is one of the first to include a factory-installed LED lighting system, which includes headlights and taillights. The taillights can be set to flash at various rates as is popular in drifting competitions, or they can be adjusted to remain illuminated at all times. The tail lamps also connect to the transmitter and glow more brightly when the brakes are applied.


List Price: $ 239.99

Price: $ 161.16

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