Island Presents: Ska

Island Presents: Ska

Island Presents: Ska

Medium 1
We’ll Meet – ROY & MILLIE
Love You The Most – CLARKE, Lloyd
Judgment – ECCLES, Clancy
No Raise No Praise – MORGAN, Derrick
One Eyed Jacks – CLIFF, Jimmy
Garden Of Eden – LAWRENCE, Larry
I Shall Remove – AITKEN, Laurel
Bullo Man (A Come) – BECKFORD, Theo
Come Down – TANAMO, Lord
Robin Hood – BROOKS, Baba & HIS BAND
Stranger At The Door – STRANGER COLE
Miss Universe – CLIFF, Jimmy
Three Blind Mice – BROOKS, Baba & HIS BAND
One Cup Of Coffee – MARLEY, Bob
‘Til My Dying Day – STRANGER & PATSY
J.F.K.’s Memory – DRUMMOND, Don
The Sun Rises In The East – DOTTY & BONNIE
One More Time – BREVETT, Lloyd & HIS GROUP
Catch A Fire – BROOKS, Baba & HIS BAND
Do You Keep On Dreaming – CHERRY PIES

Medium 2
What A Man Doeth – MORRIS, Eric
Jeserene – DEKKER, Desmond & CHERRY PIES
Take Your Time – BECKFORD, Theo
Jump Out The Frying Pan – HINDS, Justin & DOMINOES
Dragon Weapon – SKATALITES
Trojan – BRISCOE, Lord
This Woman – DEKKER, Desmond & FOUR ACES
My New Name – MAYTALS
Starvation – MORGAN, Derrick
Little Did You Know – TECHNIQUES
Duck Soup – BROOKS, Baba & HIS BAND
Peace And Love – HINDS, Justin & DOMINOES
The Jerk – HARRIOTT, Derrick & AUDLEY WIL
Lucky Seven – BROOKS, Baba & HIS BAND
Parro Saw The Light – CLARKE, Lloyd
Choo Choo Ska – THEWELL, Llans & CELESTIALS
Hey Boy – Hey Girl – SMALL, Millie & CLIFF, Jimmy

List Price: $ 15.99

Price: $ 4.93

King Of Ska

King Of Ska

180 gram vinyl compilation of recordings from Desmond Dekker’s final studio session before his untimely death in 2006. Features four of his UK top 20 hits. 007, Israelites, It Mek and Pickney Girl. Complete with full color double sided insert featuring photos and track by track breakdown.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 13.58

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