Insane Xtreme Urban Trial Moto Bike Stunts Show – Video Le Mans France 2015

Insane Urban Trial Moto Bike Stunts Show Video at Le Mans, France , Circuit Bugatti du Mans 2015
It’s difficult to jump over rocks with a trials motorcycle. It’s even more diffucult to jump over a human head without crushing it. Check out these insane trials motorcycle stunts. These guys put on a great motorcycle stunt show, and no one was seriously injured. Motorcycle Trials, which is also called Observed Trials is a non-speed competition on special lightweight motorcycles built for jumping and climbing.
Il est difficile de sauter par-dessus les rochers avec une moto de trial. Il est encore plus difficile de sauter par-dessus une tête humaine sans l’écraser. Découvrez ces folles cascades trial. Ces gars-là ont mis sur un grand spectacle de moto stunt, et personne n’a été grièvement blessés. Trial, qui est aussi appelé essais observée est une compétition non-vitesse sur des motos légères spéciales construites pour sauter et grimper.

Please watch: “TRUCK ARTWORK SHOW / Defile Tracteur Décoré – 24h Camions Le Mans France 2015”
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Biker CRASHES Riding WHEELIE 2016 Motorcycle ACCIDENT Street Bike Stunts CRASH Wheelies FAILS VIDEO

Biker CRASHES While Riding Long Wheelies After Scraping 12′ O Clock Wheelie Motorcycle Stunt Rider Mousing Traps Causing Motorcycle Accident Epic Fail During 2016 Big Stunt Street Ride In Los Angles, CA Street Bike Rider Performing Illegal Stunts & Tricks Such As Riding Long Wheelie Goes Bad Caught On Video Camera 2016!!! Watch as bikers riding in large group doing illegal extreme freestyle motorbike stunts on a busy public street in LA or Los Angles, CA when one of the stunters wipes out causing big bike wreck when something goes wrong after stunter scrapes 12 o’ clock round bar shooting sparks then motorcycle stunt rider fly’s over the handlebars straight into the asphalt watch as the biker gets ran over by his own sport bike that is fully set up for doing illegal street bike stunts & tricks on the street, road, & highway.

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