Handheld 3d Scanner High Speed Scanning

Handheld 3d Scanner High Speed Scanning

Handheld 3d Scanner High Speed Scanning

  • high accuracy 3d scanner ,high resolution good quality hot selling can be last longer
  • Printing Interface: USB 2.0 Working Range: 800-3500mm Field Angle: 58.5, 50, 75 (H,V,D) X/Y Precision: @400mm:0.3mm ; @500mm: 0.6mm @1200mm: 1mm
  • Depth Precision: @400mm:0.3mm ; @500mm: 0.8mm @1200mm: 3mm Color Data: 640×480(VGA) Color Frame Rate: 30 FPS Data layout: 16bit Max. Power: 2.25W Pixel: 1.3million
  • 1. Strong anti-interference capability, such as black hair, fabrics or shining surface. 2. Auto collage based on the characteristics of the scanned objects, do not need auxiliary jointing device. 3. High-speed scanning and generate 3D data at real time. 600,000 points/second, more than ten times than common scanners. 4. Large working range 5. High color flame rate scanning. Support 24 full color scanning
  • (1) Portable This scanner is a simple portable 3D scanner. It allows you to easily scan something which is immovable or deform, soft. (2) There is no need to add marked points Unlike other 3D scanner, there is no need to put many marked points on scanning the surface in the process of scanning an object, the software can make a single real-time scanning surface split into a whole three-dimensional model by using geometric feature itself. (3) Fast scanning speed The maximum scanning speed can reach up to 600000 points per second, and portable 3D scanner is ten times faster than the ordinary one. (4) Large scanning range This kind of 3D scanner can scan wide range of objects from 1 cubic meters to tens of meters (5) It can scan moving objects Because the portable 3D scanner and camera works similarly, so it can not only scan the static objects, but also can scan dynamic objects, especially suitable for obtaining human action and film production in the dynamic facial expressions. (6) Colorful 3D scanning Portable 3D scanner can capture the bright colors (24 bit color).

This high precision 3D scanner has 3 cameras, the middle one is the RGB camera which is for capturing the pictures 640*480 ,30 frames of image per second at least, the other two on the different sides are depth sensor, the left one is the infrared emitter, the right one is the infrared receiver, which is for detecting the relative position of the object.

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