Focal PS165 High Performance 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System

Focal PS165 High Performance 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System

Focal PS165 High Performance 6.5

  • 6.5″ 2-Way Component System
  • Polyglass Cone, Aluminum Basket and Butyl Surround
  • 80 Watts Nominal Power 160 Watts Maximum Power

Focal PS165 6.5″ High Performance Component Speaker Kit The Performance line, innovative and dynamic, will give you thrills! This advance technology line provides powerful and true to life sound excellence: live music in all of its dimensions. Innovation is key to the Focal sound. For 25 years, through the constant pursuit of new advances in technology, Focal has been able to develop a harmonious research and production system that enables us to continuously improve our products and introduce new ones and all with the same goal: the most accurate reproduction of music.   Key Features Partial horn loading tweeter High sensitivity Dynamics and neutrality Adjustable tweeter levels Three tweeter cut-off frequencies Three tweeter integration possibilities Processed Aluminum inverted dome tweeter – Smoothness and definition without directivity Partial horn loading – Best positioning of the soundstage Tilted mounting – Easier installation Aluminum chassis – Rigid and non-magnetic Polyglass cone – Neutral sound without coloration Butyl surround – Excellent reliability Chrome magnet – Nice look Separable crossover – Easy integration Phase plug – Better dispersion   Specifications Diameter: 61/2″ (165mm) Voice-coil diameter: 1″ (25mm) Voice-coil height: 07/16″ (11.5mm) Magnet: 31/3″ (85mm) Nominal power: 80W Maximum power: 160W Sensitivity: 92.5dB Cone Polyglass Surround Butyl Nom. impedance: 4 Ohms DC resistance: 2.65 Ohms VC diameter: 25mm VC height: 11mm Former Kapton Layers: 2 Wire Copper Inductance: 0.15mH Xmax: 3.25mm, 01/8 in Magnet: d x h 85 x 17mm, 31/3 x 02/3 in Magnet weight: 215g, 0.47 Ib Flux density: – Gap height: 5mm, 03/16 in Net weight: 1000g 2.20 Ib

List Price: $ 429.99

Price: $ 249.99

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