Focal – Chorus 705 (Walnut)

Focal – Chorus 705 (Walnut)

Focal - Chorus 705 (Walnut)

  • Compact bookshelf speaker
  • Offers enhanced crystalline high frequencies, a richer midband, and dynamic bass
  • Polyglass Drivers
  • Inverted-Dome TNV Aluminum/Magnesium Tweeter
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 12 3/8″ x 7 1/2″ x 8 15/16″

Focal Chorus 705 Bookshelf Speakers Don’t count out the little guy! Focal’s Chorus 705, the entry-level model from the newly designed Chorus 700 Series, is an exemplary compact bookshelf speaker. A new “Poron” suspension material gets even smoother extension from the world-renowned inverted aluminum/magnesium tweeter. 705 offers enhanced crystalline high frequencies, a richer midband, and dynamic bass that belies the speaker’s size. A best-buy at this price. No Expense Spared, No Outsourced Parts, No Outside Supplier Design, development, and manufacturing under one roof have many advantages. Namely, unsurpassed quality control, customized engineering principles, and continuous synergy. The approach also allows for breakthrough technologies initially employed in reference-standard models to trickle down. Conceived in the same French facility as Focal’s world-renowned Utopia line, and subject to stringent refinement and oversight, the Chorus 705 harkens to a bygone era when companies spared no expense in perfecting wares. No outsourced parts or labor are employed in its manufacture; Focal needn’t depend on an outside supplier. Such care is fantastically rare in the 21st century. From the individually tailored drivers to cabinet reinforcements, the 705 epitomizes value and ingenuity. Polyglass Drivers and Inverted-Dome TNV Aluminum/Magnesium Tweeter The 705’s Polyglass drivers have become a Focal hallmark. Newly improved, they’re largely responsible for the speaker’s scintillating response and superb dynamics. The latter also benefit from the new aluminum/magnesium inverted-dome TNV aluminum/magnesium tweeter, derived from technologies in the Grande Utopia Be. It yields significantly lower distortion, illustrious high frequency responses, heightened airiness, and flatness up to 28kHz. The 705 is the exemplar of a finely detailed compact loudspeaker: truly balanced and neutral, while providing deeper bass response. It th

List Price: $ 549.00

Price: $ 399.00

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