DJ TECH MIXER ONE – Mesa de mezclas (USB, 2 canales)

DJ TECH MIXER ONE – Mesa de mezclas (USB, 2 canales)

DJ TECH MIXER ONE - Mesa de mezclas (USB, 2 canales)

  • Mezcladores DJ

Built-in powered 2-port USB hub to connect additional controllers easily (ie: 2 x Kontrol One). World first: Innovative ‘Channel Select’ lever switch. Use it to control 4 mixer channels at onceHigh quality replacement crossfader and faders.6 rotary dials with center click for control over Eq. bands.2 rotary dials without center click for control Gain function2 rotary dials without center click plus a mini fader for control Master, Monitor, and Monitor mix functions.9 push buttons back illuminated for clear vision in dark zones.1 Special mini rotary dial for control xfader curve/slope.2 Level meters with 10 led segments to monitorize correctly the mixing.Mini lever switch included to duplicate the functionality of the vumetersSpecial size and shape to be used with modular dj hardware controllersSelf powered. The Mixer One USB connector allows it to be powered directly from a compatible USB bus. There is an optional external power supply plug.Strong metal case and high qualityMIDI controllers included

List Price: EUR 117,00

Price: EUR 117,00

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