Boxes (The Glass Houses Book 1)

Boxes (The Glass Houses Book 1)

Boxes (The Glass Houses Book 1)

Boxes is the first story in an on-going serial novel titled The Glass Houses (inspired by Claudio Sanchez’s The Amory Wars). The second story “Windows” will be released separately. There is also a compilation of the first two stories entitled “The Clairvoyant Nature of Glass,” being the first novel in the series.


From a bird’s eye view, human life seems to have vanished. A blue bird scans the expanse of grassland far below him in search of sustenance. He spots movement in the grass and lands to catch the worm in his beak. Upon landing, the bird is unable to find his dinner and finds himself falling into darkness as the earth below his feet swallows him whole. Underground, this bird makes a chilling discovery: the remains of humanity.


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