AFX Track, Bankd Curve 12″ R Set AFX70625

AFX Track, Bankd Curve 12″ R Set AFX70625

AFX Track, Bankd Curve 12

  • Easy to use. Consistent quality. AFX track has been the standard in the hobby since it was designed and patented 30 years ago.
  • AFX has 21 different types, the other guys have 4 or 5. Z-Bend Rail End – Allows consistent electrical contact even when track pieces are not pushed together completely.Tapered Slot Ends – Smooth, quiet performance as cars pass over track junctions. High Traction Surface – Helps tires get maximum grip. Correct Cross Bracing and Supports – Keeps track stable and junctions solid. Only with AFX track. Deepest Slot Depth – Accepts longer AFX guide pin; keeps cars on the track longer.

Try a 30 Degree high banked corner just like the real stock cars race on. Add a 9 inch radius banked curve that comes with a set of bank supports so you can make a 4 lane banked curve. This package contains 2 pieces of standard 15 inch straight track, and 4 pieces of 1/8 circle (30 degrees) 12 inch banked curved track. When assembled it forms a complete 12 inch banked curve set. Note: the banking supports for four lane configurations come with the 9 inch radius banked curve set. Please note: this item replaces AFX #8991.

List Price: $ 33.59

Price: $ 23.54

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