2016 Focus RS – Drift Mode Epic Fail

2016 Focus RS - Drift Mode Epic Fail

To all of the YouTube commenters that said we “planned” this, and we “wanted” this to happen… Really? We were pulling into this spot because it’s a popular spot for us to take pictures and get some drone shots like in this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7wzuQ_28uo when a reckless (ex)club member decided to go all RickyBobby with no warning. See, I knew he was dumb enough to attempt it from previous experience, so I warned the lead car to back up. I’m glad I did. Spin it any way you want.

PLEASE NOTE – NYST (The NY ST Club) does not condone or approve of this reckless behavior on public roadways. The offending person was immediately booted from our club. We practice safety on the road during our cruises, and actions such as this will be dealt with with ZERO TOLERANCE.

Take it to the track, if you want to drive like this.

Focus RS attempting a drift at the 44/55 Hairpin outside of New Paltz NY. This was during a cruise with the NY ST Club.

It didn’t go well…

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